Version Changes Date
0.5.1 Fixed an integration issue with the Implementors plugin. 2003-06-19
0.5.0 Added support for the Implementors plugin (if installed).

Added new preference items for enabling use of the Implementors plugin.

Added use of the selected search scope when finding callees.

Added use of a progress monitor.
0.4.2 Changed the way keyboard shortcuts are declared in plugin.xml.

Enabled overlay icons in the label provider for the search results (it is now possible to see that it is a constructor.)

0.4.1 Fixed a couple of bugs:
  • NPE when find calls from a method with an anonymous class creation.
  • No indication of the active search scope unless for working sets.
0.4.0 Added the possibility to change the search scope (when searching for references to method). 2003-03-08
0.3.1 Fixed a couple of bugs related to finding calls from inner classes and calls to super methods. 2003-02-24
0.3.0 Added "Focus On Selection" functionality which roots the call hierarchy on the selected method.

Added a history drop down containing the most recently shown methods.