Release History

0.0.16 2007-04-04Minor bug fixes.
0.0.15 2005-01-08New version to work with Eclipse 3.1 M4+.
0.0.14 2004-07-11Reintroduced Eclipse 2.1.x compatibility. Add ability to jump on type.
0.0.13 2004-05-23Enhanced EJB method mapping.
0.0.12 2004-04-05Added method mapping functionality.
0.0.11 2004-01-10Updated to work with Eclipse 3.0M6.
0.0.9 2003-06-20Updated to work (again) with Eclipse 2.1.x
0.0.8 2003-06-05
0.0.7 2003-05-25
0.0.6 2003-04-04
0.0.5 2003-03-28
0.0.4 2003-03-27Initial version

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Release 0.0.16 - 2007-04-04

update Minor bug fixes. linnet

Release 0.0.15 - 2005-01-08

update Added compatibility with 3.1 M4.

This version is for Eclipse 3.1 M4 (and hopefully later versions). It may be compatible with earlier milestone releases of 3.1.

It is _not_ compatible with 2.1.x or 3.0.x. For these versions, please use v0.0.14.

Release 0.0.14 - 2004-07-11

update Reintroduced compatibility with Eclipse 2.1.x. Also added the ability to jump to the implementation class from an interface type. linnet

Release 0.0.13 - 2004-05-23

update Enhanced the EJB method mapping functionality. Now also supports jumping between implementation and interface of EJB Home methods (i.e. ejbHomeSomeMethod). linnet

Release 0.0.12 - 2004-04-05

update Added method mapping functionality in order to be able to jump to methods on home interfaces. Now for example, finding implementors on home.create(String id) jumps to the ejbCreate method in the bean. linnet

Release 0.0.11 - 2004-01-10

update Updated the plugin to work with Eclipse 3.0M6. From this version on new versions will only support Eclipse 3.0M6+. linnet

Release 0.0.9 - 2003-06-20

update Fixed a problem which prevented the plugin from running on anything but the Eclipse 3.0 stream. linnet

Release 0.0.8 - 2003-06-05

update Added an autofind button on the property page.

update Added a preferences button for setting up the file mask of ejb-jar.xml files. linnet

Release 0.0.7 - 2003-05-25

update Now also considers overriding/overridden methods as candidates.

update EJB awareness: Moved the enablement action to the project's property page. linnet

Release 0.0.6 - 2003-04-04

update Added an action to jump to an interface declaring the selected method. linnet

Release 0.0.5 - 2003-03-28

update Bug fix: Jumping to classes loaded from .jar files (with attached source) is now possible. linnet

Release 0.0.4 - 2003-03-27

update Initial version linnet