Activation of the wizards

The Export and the Import wizards are activated from the ordinary Export... or Import... wizard selections (for example from the Package Explorer view or the Navigator view).

Using the Export wizard

  1. Select the projects to be exported from the list of all projects in the workspace.
  2. Enter the export location and optionally the "Source root path". This term is explained further below. The source root path may be left blank, entered or selected from the list of suggestions.
  3. Press Finish and the projects are exported

If the purpose of the export is to recreate the workspace elsewhere, the source root path should be set to a location common to all the exported projects. Ultimately, you may choose the root of the file system.

The source root path

The Export wizard is able to keep the physical directory structure of the projects. This is useful if the exported project description files (.project (and .classpath for Java projects)) are copied "over" an existing source repository which does not contain the project description files.

The source root path indicates the common "prefix" of these project description files. If the project is located below the specified source root path, it will be created in the export directory as is was placed relatively to the source root. If the project is not located below the source root path, it is export to the root of the export directory. An example:

With this directory structure, the table below shows what different values of the source root path would generate in the export directory.

Source root pathContents of the root of the export directory ("projects")
Above the root of the source repository

Note how the root directory of the source repository is included in the directory structure.
The root of the source repository
Outside the source repository

If you have all your source located in one directory structure, the recommended source root path is the root of this source repository.

Using the Import wizard

  1. Enter the root of the directory structure which should be search for project description files.
  2. Select the projects to be imported from the list of all projects in the workspace.
  3. Press Finish and the projects are imported.