Download version 3.0.2 (for Eclipse 3.x)

For an Eclipse 2.1.x version, see below.

The plugin may be downloaded here.

Alternatively, use the Eclipse update site at:


The plugin requires Eclipse 3.x. It's been tested with Eclipse 3.0.2 and 3.2 on Windows XP. It does NOT work on Eclipse 2.x. See below for a version for Eclipse 2.x.

Download version 1.0.11 (for Eclipse 2.1.x)

This version of the plugin may be downloaded here.

For an Eclipse 3.x version, see above.


This variant is made for Eclipse 2.1. It's been tested with Eclipse 2.1.3 on Windows XP. It does however work well in Eclipse 3.x by means of the 'compatibility mode' contained in Eclipse 3. The things not working as expected in Eclipse 3 can't even be fixed by a native 3.0 version. See below and the docs coming with the plugin.

In Eclipse 2.1.3 the Quickmarks display easily in more than one standard view (e.g. task view and bookmarks view) at the same time. This seems to not work any longer in Eclipse 3. As delivered the Quickmarks show up correctly only in the 3.0 bookmarks view. The problem view refuses to display them in it's list, although it does recognize them halfway by offering Quickmarks to be shown in it's filter settings.